Meet our MRI expert, Associate Professor Brett Cowan

Brett will reveal the magic of MRI in our Mind Reading event

Brett is an expert in medical engineering and will reveal the magic of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and its ability to see inside people in our Mind Reading event. With a medical and engineering background, he will explain how MRI uses superconductivity, with temperature and pressures from outer space, and magnetic fields strong enough attract metal objects so strongly that they can’t be pulled out of the machine.

Associate Professor Cowan is an Auckland Mechanical Engineering graduate who specialised in aeronautics. After running the wind tunnel at the engineering school he studied philosophical theology and ancient history before completing his medical training. He was placed first in his class in both Mechanical Engineering and Medicine winning over 30 academic prizes. He then worked as a physician in emergency medicine at North Shore Hospital for ten years.

Brett is now the director of the Centre for Advanced MRI at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, where he performs research with MRI to image hearts along with clinical trials of new treatments for old diseases. The Centre for Advanced MRI has two MRI scanners including the Siemens Skyra our Team MRI will be using for ‘Mind Reading’. They provide not only research facilities to the University of Auckland, but also scans for children born with heart defects and many other patients with complex medical problems from Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

He would always rather be motor racing.