Brain Awareness Week – read all about it!

Over 3000 people gave their brain a workout at Brain Day on Saturday March 17th. It was a fantastic end to an amazing Brain Awareness Week for us!

The Centre for Brain Research revealed the science behind MRI technology, with the promise of ‘Mind Reading’ as a future possibility. You can view the event here:

Brain Day was an amazing opportunity to meet the experts and hear all about the latest brain science. Videos from the lectures will be up on the web in a week, but in the meantime you can learn more about the event in these articles.

NZ Doctor previewed the event:

Drug researcher Dr Trecia Wouldes appeared on BfM in Brain Awareness Week, talking about her research on women using drugs in pregnancy.

Communications Manager Laura Fogg talked about brain fitness on Bfm, discussing how people can keep fit and give their brain a workout throughout life. 

Stroke rehabilitation and exercise researchers Dr Cathy Stinear and Professor Winston Byblow appeared on Good Morning talking about brain fitness and plasticity.

Dr Cathy Stinear’s research on brain plasticity also appeared on 3news online. Our brain is constantly changing, and so technology may influence our ability to concentrate.

Our Changing World is also due to go on air soon. We will keep you updated!