Cafe Scientifique – A head start on stroke recovery with Dr Cathy Stinear

  • Wednesday March 28th
  • 6-9pm
  • Horse and Trap Pub, Mount Eden

Physical therapy is a critical part of stroke recovery, and is essential for regaining motor function. New research shows that priming the brain (with non-invasive stimulation, medications, and/or coordinated movement patterns) can enhance the benefits of physical therapy. But it’s not one-size-fits-all, so are there key ingredients to making a good recovery after stroke? Is it possible to have too much rehabilitation therapy? And does attitude matter as much as anatomy – is it your own fault if you don’t get better?

Dr Cathy Stinear is an Applied Clinical Neuroscientist who runs the Brain Recovery Clinic in the Centre for Brain Research at The University of Auckland. She is working on ways to select the optimal combination of priming techniques for individual stroke patients, based on understanding the extent of damage to key pathways in the brain.,-africa,-australasia-auckland