CBR book reviews: Pieces of Mind 21 Short Walks Around the Human Brain

Pieces of Mind: 21 Short Walks Around the Human Brain

By Michael C. Corballis
Reviewed by Professor Michael C. Corballis, Cognitive Neuroscientist

It’s not often authors get the chance to review their own books, and I hardly know where to start. It’s my favourite book because it’s still available, and more sales can help a semi-retired academic continue to drink good wine. 

I haven’t read the book myself, but those who have tell me it’s a great book to have by the bedside, probably because it can send you quickly to sleep. It’s also quite short, and doesn’t take up much room in either your luggage or your brain.

The beginning of the book also introduces a book published in 1891 by my great grandfather, James Henry Corballis, entitled Forty-five Years of Sport, which offers some great advice on golf, among other idle pursuits. You can still find this on Google, of which my great grandfather was a great fan. The family would be grateful if you would consider this one as well when making your purchases.