CBR’s Art/Science Collaboration ‘Do You Mind?’ gets worldwide audience!

Feature image, 'Do You Mind?'

Staged in July/August 2010, ‘Do You Mind?’ was conceived as a way of bringing together emerging artists with scientists from the Centre for Brain Research to produce artworks inspired by science.  Now, an article which discusses the results of the collaboration has been published in PLoS (Public Library of Science), a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal.

The article discusses the ways in which scientists and artists can both benefit from working collaboratively, and the growing interest in interdisciplinary work which breaks down the traditional boundaries between ‘art’ and ‘science’.  It’s good to see that we are part of the advance guard with our creative and innovative approach to the quest for knowledge!

Click here for a link to the article featuring ‘Do You Mind?’ on PLoS Biology.

Click here to visit ‘Do You Mind?’s own webpage.