Funding boost for CBR researchers

The latest round of project grants from the Health Research Council of New Zealand were announced last week, and three CBR members have received sizeable grants – a real vote of confidence in what is a highly competitive process which often sees less than ten percent of applications go on to receive grants.

Professor Peter Thorne (below) receives $966,266 over 36 months for Imaging the labyrinthine-blood barrier in Meniere’s disease.  Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that affects hearing and balance, leading to hearing loss and episodes of vertigo.

Peter Thorne

Dr Ben Thompson receives $1,167,538 over 36 months for A randomized clinical trial of a new binocular treatment for amblyopia.  You can read more about this research here:

Dr Ben Thompson

Dr Ben Thompson

Dr Deborah Hay receives $1,199,853 over 36 months for Adrenomedullin 1 receptor antagonists as novel anti-angiogenic agents.  An excellent result for these researchers and for CBR.

Debbie Hay


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