Centre for Brain Research

Rangahau Te Roro Me Te Hinengaro

The Centre for Brain Research at The University of Auckland in New Zealand, is a unique partnership between scientists, clinicians and the community. Established in 2009, the centre excels in world-class neuroscience research carried out by cross-faculty research teams, alongside clinical collaborations with leading neurologists, neurosurgeons and physicians in the Auckland region.

Scientific dissemination and community involvement is at the heart of the Centre’s activities. This website aims to raise awareness of brain diseases and brain research, through the voices of those who are involved with this research on a day-to-day basis.  We aim to inform, to enthuse, and perhaps occasionally to amuse…

Through this website we also link to external sites to provide a resource for people interested in brain research. However we cannot guarantee the accuracy or credibility of these external sites. We hope you are inspired by the wonders of the brain, and this resource is a portal for you to discover more!