Learning from nature’s killing machines

Leading marine researcher Professor John Montgomery has been awarded a prestigious James Cook Research Fellowship from the Royal Society of New Zealand. His research will look at the evolution of a cerebellum-like neuronal machine in shark brains.

Professor Montgomery is the Director of the Leigh Marine Laboratory and a member of the Centre for Brain Research. You can read more about John’s research in the CBR Connections magazine.

The James Cook Research Fellowships are awarded to researchers at the pinnacle of their research careers who can demonstrate that they have achieved national and international recognition in their area of scientific research. A small number of prestigious Fellowships are awarded annually to researchers who are recognised leaders in their respective fields.

The Fellowship will allow John to concentrate on his chosen research for two years without the additional burden of administrative and teaching duties. The funding package annually is $100,000 plus GST and up to $10,000 plus GST in relevant expenses.