New Zealand’s top Huntington’s disease researchers to speak at national conference

New Zealand’s foremost Huntington’s Disease (HD) research and clinical experts will speak at the national associations’ conference in Auckland on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May.

The speaker line-up includes New Zealand’s top neuroscientist Distinguished Professor Richard Faull, an internationally recognised expert on neurodegenerative diseases of the human brain. Professor Faull is the Director of The University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research which has had an established HD research programme since 1981. Professor Faull’s presentation is titled Huntington’s Disease – Exciting Human Brain Research with Family Support. Fellow University of Auckland researcher Professor Russell Snell, a member of the global team that discovered the HD gene in 1993, will provide an overview of learnings about HD from a genetics perspective.

Neurologist and HD clinical specialist Dr Richard Roxburgh will discuss the progress of an international clinical trial called CREST E* which is in phase 3 and involves 650 participants from around the world. Neuropsychiatrist and fellow clinical specialist Dr Greg Finucane will outline drug therapies in his lecture titled Calming the Stormy Seas. Patient service and care updates will be provided by national Huntington’s Disease Association staff, and all presentations within the two-day speaker programme are designed for the general public to understand.

Professor Faull, who is patron of Huntington’s Disease Association Auckland, says “The conference will be an opportunity for patients, families and medical professionals to learn about new global and local research and the latest developments in prospective treatments. It will also be a unique opportunity for the HD community to share knowledge and learn from the experience of others. This will be a very special meeting of those who share the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives and ending Huntington’s Disease. “

For further details about the conference and to register, please phone: (09) 815 9703 or email 

The conference will be held at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland and is supported by the Centre for Brain Research, the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand, and the Lion Foundation.