Mind Reading? Live brain scan event planned for March 2012

The science of imaging the brain

The science of imaging the brainMind reading is the ultimate superhero skill – beyond the realms of human possibility. Yet new technology is bringing this futuristic scenario within our grasp.

We are proud to announce this exciting event, planned for Brain Awareness Week in March, to uncover the science of brain imaging! Join us as top scientists Associate Professor Brett Cowan and Dr Donna Rose Addis from The University of Auckland showcase the incredible technology of MRI and provide a behind the scenes glimpse of cutting-edge brain research.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) allows scientists to see brain areas ‘light up’ as we think. Movements, emotions, memories and intentions have all been visualised, enabling scientists to see inside a person’s mind, and possibly predict the future. Yet how much is science, and how much is fiction?

In this public event we will explore the inner workings of the brain, delving into the origins of memories and learning more about our identity as human beings. Featuring live analysis of a brain scan, ‘Mind Reading?’ is a first for New Zealand.

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Wednesday 14th March

Time: 6:45pm – 8:30pm
Where: Auckland Museum, The Auckland Domain, Parnell
Cost: $10 (plus $3 booking fee) Tickets may be purchased on the door, or by phoning 09 306 7048.

Hosted by the Centre for Brain Research and Centre for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and with thanks to our sponsors Siemens, Auckland Museum Institute and the Royal Society of New Zealand.