Supporting open research values

The Centre for Brain Research has announced support for New Zealand’s first Open Research Conference.

The conference on 6th and 7th February 2013 will explore new, open models of research; where scientists share their research with the world as soon as they record it for themselves. The aim is to speed up the effective transfer of research outputs and improve economic, environmental and social impacts in the New Zealand and Australian contexts.

Research resembles a puzzle: a heap of pieces has to be assembled into a coherent picture. Yet some of the pieces are unknown, and traditional non-open science keeps much of the remainder hidden behind barriers erected by pre-digital reputation and reward systems.

Open science means tackling research problems collaboratively by sharing research tools, data, materials and code as they arise and by building on the shared work. Support for the conference reflects the CBR’s commitment to providing a brighter and better future for people and families living with brain disease.

The CBR will join the growing community of researchers worldwide who are exploring new, open commercial and academic models to enhance the reach and impact of their research. Open research practices are increasingly being driven by international funding agencies that require grant holders to publish their results under Open Access and to share their data as widely as possible.

The CBR has committed to Silver sponsorship of the conference. Registration will open soon – more information can be found at